Why Vegan Chef Alan Baker Uses Kamikoto’s Kanpeki Knife Set

A popular Twitch streamer who has a passion for vegan cuisine, Alan Baker stands by the superior craftsmanship of Kamikoto Knives.

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Alan started his culinary career in 2008 as a prep-cook at a local restaurant and has had a passion for cooking ever since. During this time, Alan found a love for prepping fresh foods and grew his culinary skills to the point that he was promoted to the role of Corporate Trainer for the well-known US chain, LongHorn Steakhouse.

Following this, Alan became intrigued by plant-based cooking and applied the culinary skills he had learned from cooking meat to whole plant-based ingredients. This is what led Alan to realize the importance of having high-quality knives in your kitchen and what ultimately led him to find Kamikoto and our versatile Kanpeki Knife Set.

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Handcrafted from Japanese steel using traditional techniques passed down through generations of knife smiths, the Kanpeki Knife Set is meticulously crafted and designed to take care of all tasks in the kitchen.

The 7-inch Nakiri Vegetable knife is Alan’s choice for most cook and prep tasks. Alan is an advocate for it’s wide, single bevel blade, as it brings diversity to the food and techniques that Alan can use and cut. Since he strictly eats a plant-based diet and mainly cooks vegan dishes, the 7-inch Nakiri Vegetable knife also doubles as Alan’s chef knife.

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His favorite for chopping up larger fruits and vegetables, the 8.5-Inch Slicing Knife is his go-to. Alan loves this knife for its satin-finished handle and blades which allow him to cut the troublesome jackfruit with ease.

Lastly, Alan is an advocate for the 5-Inch Utility Knife as it takes care of the more intricate jobs in the kitchen. A workhorse with a shorter blade, the Kamikoto 5-inch Utility Knife ultimately lends itself to slicing, peeling, shucking and pitting, which make quick work of taking apart small fruits and vegetables for Alan.

When asked why he recommends Kamikoto Knives to other vegan chefs and cooks alike, Alan said the answer was simple.

“I recommend Kamikoto because the Kanpeki Knife Set is the perfect workhorse for the at-home vegan chef… and the weight of the knives feel perfect in my hands.”

Alan said that “exploring food is something I’m passionate about,” and we are beyond humbled that he has used Kamikoto throughout his culinary journey. If you would like to learn more about Alan and his endeavors, you can do so here.

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