Where is Kamikoto’s Honshu steel made in?

Kamikoto sources its steel from carefully selected steel mills located on the Honshu island of Japan. Each of Kamikoto’s knives uses optimal steel for the varying use cases of the different blades.

Kamikoto’s Steak Knives and the limited edition 13-inch Yanagiba are made from steel from the Keiyō region in Japan. The Keiyō Industrial Zone (京葉工業地域 Keiyō Kōgyō Chiiki) was largely developed after the Second World War in the 50s, spanning the coast of Tokyo Bay from Urauasu to Futtsu.

Kamikoto Steel made in Japan — Keiyo Industrial Zone
Steel Works at the Keiyō Industrial Zone by the Tokyo Bay

Kamikoto’s steel is highly-corrosion resistant 420J2 type steel (Genten series) with a HRC of 53 +/- 2 or SLD Steel (Ganjo series) with a HRC of 62 +/-2. The Genten series have been designed for professional use of chefs who are able to sharpen their knives with a whetstone.

Kamikoto’s Steel — made in Japan
Kamikoto’s Steel — made in Japan

Each Kamikoto knife is sharpened to its fine edge at the Kamikoto workshop, and a paper cutting test is performed as the knives are individually inspected before being placed into the ashwood box for safekeeping and transportation.

Kamikoto collects verified reviews on Trustpilot and on its own website from its demanding clientele to ensure its products are satisfactory to their needs and meet Kamikoto’s high quality standards.

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