Selecting The Right Knife for Your Kitchen

Deciphering the variations of kitchen knives: Whatever your preferences are, we have a Kamikoto Knife for you

Kitchen knives are a lifelong investment, and it is essential to find an individual knife or set of the utmost quality that will work for your specific needs. Kamikoto offers a wide variety of knives with many different uses.

One of the first steps in deciding to add a new knife to your kitchen would be to decide on what it would primarily be used for.

Will you be needing a versatile knife? Perhaps a specialty knife for a specific cuisine or food?

The four key considerations when purchasing a new knife would be durability, strength, handling, and endurance.

Kamikoto keeps these four main factors in mind. Our blades are handcrafted from 420J2 steel (Genten series) and SLD steel (Ganjo series). With a HRC of 53 +/-2, the Genten series offers the benefits of a practical, highly corrosion-resistant blade. We recommend the Genten series to customers who do not mind tending to and sharpening their blades with a whetstone from time to time. While SLD steel is far more likely to chip and rust over time, it compensates with a significantly higher HRC of 62 +/- 2; these knives tend to retain their edge over time.

All Kamikoto Knives are of the utmost quality, and we have a very versatile selection to ensure that all your kitchen needs are satisfied.

If you are searching for a versatile, all-purpose, or pairing knife for cutting, peeling or any other small details needed in preparation:

  • The Kamikoto 5-inch Utility Knife ultimately lends itself to slicing, peeling, shucking and pitting when you need the extra maneuverability.

5-inch Utility Knife

If you are considering a chef’s knife, this would be best for cutting, chopping, dicing or any other food preparation:

  • The Senshi Dual Knife Set consists of a 10-inch Chef knife and a 5.5-inch utility knife — with a handmade blade that will stand the test of time.

Senshi Knife Set

If you are needing a knife for meat chopping, in particular, a cleaver would be the perfect choice for you:

  • Chuka Bocho Cleaver.Our heaviest blade, big selling point! Bringing together Asian culinary tradition and legendary Japanese craftsmanship, the Kamikoto Chuka Bocho cleaver is the heaviest blade in the Kamikoto collection. Its substantial heft and weight can crush through the hardest bones and toughest cuts. It is a handcrafted steel blade with a 7.5-inch cutting edge used for slicing, chopping, mincing and crushing.

Chuka Bocho Cleaver

If you are working with a lot of fish, a filleting knife may be very useful for you:

  • Inspired by a thousand years of craftsmanship, the Kamikoto Ryoshi Knife Set is a balance of power, precision and deft slicing. Forged using high-grade steel from Honshu 本州 Japan, the set includes the Deba and the Yanagiba, crafted to serve those who are masters of fish.

Ryoshi Knife Set

The final knife that may be to your preference would be a carving or boning knife, this would a staple for those working with meat, fish, and poultry:

  • The single bevel Kiritsuke knife is ideal for slicing fish or for deft work with vegetables. Weighted and balanced for optimal handling it is light yet substantial, and robust yet razor-sharp. The Honesuki boning knife is perfect for de-boning poultry and is adept for other purposes such as filleting. It is thin, light and nimble, with a reverse tanto tip allowing for easy piercing and precise cuts.

Kensei Knife Set

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