Kamikoto Steak Knives — Reviews From Verified Buyers

Following the finest practices within Japanese tradition, Kamikoto’s Steak Knives have a Double-bevel Ryoba 本州 blade and come packaged in a beautifully handcrafted ashwood box.

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Consisting of a non-serrated blade that is precisely sharpened into an 11° angle, these knives allow you to cut through meat without sawing which allows more capillaries in meat to remain intact, allowing the meat to retain a noticeable amount more of its juices.

These knives are meticulously handcrafted from high-grade Japanese Honshu steel from the Keiyō region near Tokyo, Japan and are sure to impress both owners and guests.

Upon purchasing a set of Kamikoto Steak Knives, Kamikoto is dedicated to providing you with a product and experience that you can find nowhere else.

The verified review SiteJabber has many positive Kamikoto reviews, and some of these are about the Kamikoto Steak Knives.

Caroline M. describes her steak knives as the “sharpest” she has “ever used.” You can see more of her review here:

“I have always disliked the serrated edged knives but that was generally all one saw to purchase. Now that I have found Kamikoto I will never be disappointed again. I love all of the knives I have purchased. The packaging is excellent. Would make a spectacular gift.

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Paul A. Cardinal, a recent Kamikoto customer, expressed this idea and more in their recent review on TrustPilot.

You can see Pauls review below:

“I have searched stores and online for some time for nice steak knives I would be proud to present to guests for my frequent summer grilling. Kamikoto delivered on time and with careful packaging! I was impressed by the Kamikoto steak knives and my guests loved them, especially how the straight edge preserves a filet mignon much better than serrated.

… I had to get another set of 8 steak knives for our second home, I just could not go without them! … Terrific products!”

If you, like Paul, are looking for a meticulously crafted, high-quality set of steak knives, then please visit our website to learn more.

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Japanese Steel Knives — A Thousand Years of Craftsmanship. Tokyo, Japan. www.kamikoto.com

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