Kamikoto — Legit or Not? Here is What the Reviews Say

Are Kamikoto Knives legit?

The answer to this question can simply be found in the 19-step process that Kamikoto follows in order to produce some of the finest Japanese knives.

A process that has been meticulously crafted throughout hundreds of years of superior craftsmanship, Kamikoto Knives will surely exceed your expectations.

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But don’t just take it from us…

If you are still curious whether or not Kamikoto Knives are legit, please refer to these first-hand accounts that some of our customers have shared on the verified review websites, TrustPilot and SiteJabber.

“The people, product, process and packaging are all well-honed, top-notch performers.

Forty years a Chef, these are the last, best knives I’ll ever need.

Sublime, indeed.”

-Raymond Norman

“I have nothing but glowing praise for the quality of Kamikoto knives and the quality of their customer support. They are extremely helpful and the response times are very quick. The product quality starts with the way they are packed, the quality of the box and the feel of each knife when you hold it.

It’s no wonder that professional chefs worldwide use them daily.”

-Steve Larvin

“I received my Senshi knife set recently. The packaging, wooden box and display stand were a pleasure to behold. The knives are works of art — precision-made, well balanced, sharp as a razor, sleek hygienic design, and branded with quality text and graphics. I would have paid twice the price if I knew how well-received they were going to be. It is a joy to use these knives for food preparation. Do not be fooled by cheaper products which certainly will not carry the Japanese standard of perfection or instill such a feeling of respect for the makers. They are my katana and wakizashi of the kitchen! Very happy.”

-Peter S

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Should you be interested in learning more about Kamikoto and the knives we offer, please do so here.

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Japanese Steel Knives — A Thousand Years of Craftsmanship. Tokyo, Japan. www.kamikoto.com

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