Kamikoto Introduces the 13-inch Yanagiba, the Longest Blade in The Collection

The 13-inch Yanagiba is an extra-long knife handcrafted from Japanese high-end steel, now available for purchase on Kamikoto.com for $320.

Kamikoto, the respected producer of Japanese steel knives found in Michelin-starred kitchens around the world, has announced the release of the longest blade in its collection — the 13-inch Yanagiba. The Yanagiba is handcrafted from Japanese Honshu steel molten at more than 3,000°F near the shorelines of Tokyo Bay, Japan.

Kamikoto — 13-inch Yanagiba

Kamikoto — 13-inch Yanagiba — The Longest Blade in the Collection

Designed to flawlessly manage long and deep, straight cuts, the 13-inch Yanagiba is capable of skinning large fish in a single motion. Using a process refined over generations, the 13-inch Yanagiba is sharpened by Kamikoto’s master knifesmiths and each blade is individually inspected before leaving the workshop and being shipped to customers. This commitment in the production of each of its blades has made Kamikoto the knife manufacturer of choice among several chefs at high-end restaurants around the world.

The 13-inch Yanagiba is being introduced through a limited-edition run of blades that are currently available on a first-come, first-served basis. The knife can be purchased directly from Kamikoto at kamikoto.com for $320.

Kamikoto is a premium producer of Japanese steel knives, relying on traditional craftsmanship methods and using steel exclusively sourced from select and carefully chosen steel mills on the Honshu island in Japan. The company is notable not only for their commitment to traditional, immaculate handmade blade creation, but for serving a demanding clientele of executive chefs based out of restaurants in Asia, Europe and the United States.

“While the world around us has moved to less exacting production techniques, Kamikoto has stayed true to its original values based on craftsmanship and quality.”

Keep up with the latest updates on the Kamikoto Facebook page and read the latest Kamikoto reviews on Trustpilot.

Press contact:
Mr. Tsuyoshi Inagaki
Client Relationship Manager
+(81) 30–6859–7578

Kamikoto 神箏 ショールーム Limited
Nakano Sunplaza, Sunplaza 9F 4–1–1
164–0001, Tokyo, Japan

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