Kamikoto Coupon Codes & Discount Vouchers for Black Friday

Kamikoto is a maker of Japanese Steel Knives headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Several discerning Michelin Star executive chefs around the world are known to be avid users of the knives.

Kamikoto Discount Codes for Savings:

Here are some coupon codes that Kamikoto has made available for use:

TODAY20 — Take 20% OFF any order.

SAVE150 — $150 OFF the 13-inch Yanagiba.

KAMIKOTO50 — $50 OFF any order.

WHETSTONE400 — Free Sharpening Whetstone with a purchase of $400+.

Only 1 code can be used per order. Codes checked to be active on November 13th 2019.

Japanese Steel Knives — A Thousand Years of Craftsmanship. Tokyo, Japan.

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