Is Kamikoto a Good Brand? 5 Verified Reviews

When searching for your next set of knives, it is important to find a brand that will provide you with the highest quality products at the best possible price. If this is what you are looking for, then Kamikoto Knives are right for you.

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Crafted with meticulous skills that have been practiced throughout generations of Japanese knifemaking, Kamikoto Knives are crafted with high-quality steel from Honshu 本州, Japan.

Backed with a limited lifetime guarantee, Kamikoto Knives are known for their corrosion resistance and durability which makes them a knife that is meant to be passed down throughout generations. If you are interested in learning more about the rigorous 19-step process that is used while crafting Kamikoto Knives, you can do so here.

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To back this claim of world-class quality and durability, please take a look at these five reviews from verified Kamikoto buyers.

For verified reviews from Trustpilot, please see below:

“Amazing quality and craftsmanship! Orders are processed and shipped within just a day or two and arrive within days! The quality of the knives is amazing and the pricing is unbelievable for such quality. The knives retain their razor-sharp edges even with a lot of use, but are easy to hone with a whetstone, if necessary, to retrieve that factory sharp edge! I highly recommend these knives for their quality and craftsmanship and they are perfect for the home chef/cook as well as any professional master chef!”

-Jeffery Holzman

“Kamikoto’s products are exceptional. The Japanese knives are some of the best in the business. Sharp, easy to maneuver, comfortable to handle. Customer service is the best I’ve ever received. I am and will always be a dedicated customer. I fully recommend this company and their products.”

-Joann Gaccione

“Excellent and superior quality products. I enjoy the sharp balanced edge that provides effortless work.”

-Charles Featherly

Furthermore, you can also see more verified Kamikoto reviews on SiteJabber:

“It is without hesitation that I say Kamikoto knives are the best knives you can purchase. Whether you are a home chef or work in a professional kitchen, these knives will greatly enhance your culinary experience; you will never want another brand again. I have found their customer service to be outstanding and responsive and I will remain a loyal customer for life!”

-Gregory K

“I’ve always been fascinated with traditional Japanese swords and sword-makers, so I naturally gravitated towards Kamikoto products which are steeped in the same traditions. These are the most amazingly sharp knives I’ve ever seen, and I have no doubt they are capable of splitting atoms! I now own two complete sets of knives (the entire line), plus many extra knives that I give away to friends and family, who are equally amazed at the quality, sharpness, and presentation… the little wooden boxes are a great touch. Plus their customer service is second to none; I’ve done lots of online shopping, and no company I’ve ever dealt with can even come close to the professionalism, courteousness, and generosity that Kamikoto exhibits on a regular basis. So whether you’re a weekend warrior in the kitchen like myself, or a professional chef in a 5-Star restaurant, you can always depend on Kamikoto knives… there’s nothing sharper.”

-Louie G

Should you be interested in learning more about Kamikoto, or purchasing any of our knives, you can do so here.

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Japanese Steel Knives — A Thousand Years of Craftsmanship. Tokyo, Japan.

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