The one distinct difference between Japanese Steel Knives by Kamikoto and traditional Western knives is the single bevel blade of the knives.

What are single bevel knives?

On single bevel knives, the angle is formed only on one side of the knife.

A knife bevel refers to a surface that has been ground to form the knife’s edge. A careful look on the knife will reveal a slight angle/incline on either one or both sides that run down to the edge of the knife.

Single bevel knives tend to be much sharper; this is due to the fact they only need to be honed and on one side so it is easier to create a much smaller, thus sharper, angle. A smaller or sharper angle generally equals a sharper knife.

This is needed by professional chefs for clean cuts as well as precision slicing and dicing. All essential in Japanese cuisine, in particular when preparing sashimi or sushi. Single bevel knives are popular especially in the Kansai region of Japan.

Using a Single Bevel Knife such as the Kamikoto 7-inch Santoku

Kamikoto Santoku — the iconic 7-inch single bevel knives
The Kamikoto Santoku — a 7-inch Single Bevel Japanese Steel Knife

The single bevel knife performs and is used much like a normal double bevel knife, but it allows for sharper cuts and might take some time to get used to for an inexperienced user. For more detailed information, provides a detailed Kamikoto review on their website and hosts a number of reviews by Kamikoto customers.

To purchase Kamikoto knives and browse the entire selection of knives on offer, visit

Japanese Steel Knives — A Thousand Years of Craftsmanship. Tokyo, Japan.

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