Executive Chef Dan Lane Uses Kamikoto Knives

The Executive Chef of Union Straw restaurant in Foxborough Massachusetts, Chef Dan Lane is an advocate of Kamikoto Knives.

Union Straw is an upscale American style restaurant that utilizes fresh ingredients to make unique and classical dishes in a sustainable way. The restaurant itself benefits from an open concept design, which allows the chefs and patrons to interact in a personable way.

In having this open concept design, Union Straw makes it their mission to showcase the finest ingredients and cooking techniques in their kitchen as their patrons watch, which is greatly benefited by their display of Kamikoto Knives.

Chef Dan Lane currently uses our Kanpeki Knife Set, which has been inspired by over a thousand years of superior Japanese craftsmanship.

The Kanpeki Knife set includes a 7-inch Nakiri vegetable knife, 8.5-inch Slicing knife and a 5-inch Utility knife. These knives all benefit from their single bevel blades, which feature high-quality steel from Honshu 本州, Japan. The Kamikoto 神箏 Kanpeki Knife Set is presented in a natural-colored ash wood box for safe storage and keeping, allowing it to be used and passed down throughout generations.

Beyond using his Kanpeki Knife Set in Union Straw’s kitchen, Chef Dan Lane also relies on the world-class quality of Kamikoto Knives throughout his culinary competitions.

Chef Dan Lane has competed on the national and international stage, in competitions such as the World Food Championship, World BBQ Championship and the Culinary Fight Club.

When Chef Dan Lane competes, he appreciates the intricate abilities of the Utility knife, as it allows him to shape his plates to perfection. The Slicing knife is Dan’s secret for the perfect Tuna fillet and the Nakiri vegetable knife assists him with all other aspects of cooking any dish.

Chef Dan Lane can not use any other knife in the kitchen, as he believes Kamikoto Knives are the most comfortable and functional knives that he can use.

We at Kamikoto are humbled to hear of the successes of Chef Dan Lane and are honored to know that he has used our knives in the process.

If you, like us, are intrigued to learn more about the exciting journeys Chef Dan Lane has made and how he has used Kamikoto Knives along the way, you can do so here.

Japanese Steel Knives — A Thousand Years of Craftsmanship. Tokyo, Japan. www.kamikoto.com

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